Bridging Gap Terms and conditions

Standard Agreement – The Bridging Gap tutoring Centre – Terms and Conditions:
1. The Bridging Gap Tutoring Centre (TBG)is a private tutoring centre that provides a service of tutoring to students from grade R to 12, and make use of well researched curriculum to suit the students needs.

2. For the purposes of this agreement
2.1 “Tutor centre” shall mean the centre where the student attends tutoring
2.2 “Enrolment form” – the form which a parent will complete for enrolment for service at TBG
2.3 “Account Holder” the person that is responsible for the fees at TBG.
2.4 “Policies” shall mean regulations, rules by which TBG will operate
2.5 “Students” Learners that make use of our services
2.6 “Legal Guardian” the person that has legal custody of a Learner and undertakes to perform duties of a person parent.

3. Parent and Legal Guardian undertakes to ensure compliance with the requirement of the South African Schools Act 84 of 1996(as amended) (‘the act”) in particular.
3.1 In terms of section 3 of he Act, it is every Legal Guardian or Parent responsibility to ensure that student for whom he/she is responsible attends a school once they reach the appropriate age and as such is educated and trained:
3.2 In terms of Section 51 of the Act it is every Legal Guardian or parent of a student, of compulsory school going age and who does not attend a public or independent school, must apply to the Head of the applicable Department of Education to register such a student to receive education at home and
3.3 The education provided to the learner will be or standard not inferior to the standard provided by public schools.
3.4 The Legal Guardian/parent is also required to ensure that the student’s progress is assessed in accordance with the applicable laws regulating a student’s education
3.5 The legal guardian/parents will also be required to comply with all other reasonable conditions set out by the Head of the applicable Department of Education.

4. The Legal Guardian/parent has a separate contract with the curriculum provider and cannot hold TBG responsible for any of the following procedures
4.1 The non-delivery of textbooks
4.2 Language or printing errors in textbooks
4.3 The loss/damage of any assignments courier to the curriculum provider by TBG
4.4 The non-linking of the Tutor Centre on the Students profile
4.5 The regulation of the service of the curriculum provider.
4.6 The promoting of a student (graduating to next grade)

5. The Legal Guardian or parent guarantees to undertake:
5.1 To ensure that student is enrolled with the curriculum of choice before attending our Centre and to have the necessary textbooks to tutor from, within 2 (two) weeks of enrolment at centre
5.2 That the required information on the enrolment form is of true nature and that contactable numbers are provided and in the event of any information that changes, the centre will be notified via email.
5.3 To ensure that fees are paid in advance by the 7th of each month
5.4 To ensure that student has the necessary stationery for tutoring
5.5 To abide and respect the Centre’s rules/regulations and policies
5.6 To assist us to maintain a disciplined environment for every student attending our centre
5.7 To be onboard with student’s progress and give tutor’s feedback attention.
5.8 To attend parents’ meetings and keep up with students’ progress
To assist students with studying.
5.9 To follow centre protocol in reporting anything parent is not happy with, at centre.

Make an appointment with Centre Manager to discuss matter.

I, understand and acknowledge that, from time to time, photographs are taken of the Center’s learners, and that , insofar as these photographs are placed in the possession of control of the Center, these photographs might be used by the school in the electronic and/or printed media, including, but not limited, to the social media, newspaper advertisements and articles, magazines advertisements and articles, brochures, flyers, posters, billboards, banners, flippers and signage on building and vehicles.

The center will always , insofar the use and publication of photographs are placed in the control of the enter, ensure that these photographs portray excellence and are used in good taste.